2008 Demo

by Burdens

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released December 25, 2008

Vocals: Jared Birdseye
Guitar: Chris Evans
Guitar: Dan Zimmerman
Bass: Marty Williams
Drums: Dave Lawson



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Burdens Pennsylvania

Burdens is a hardcore/Punk/Metal band from the Philly suburbs with releases on Harvcore Records and Get This Right Records.


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Track Name: Fit For Swine

Rooted in shit.

With forked tongues they rise, in silence we fall.

Wipe from your eyes the rhetoric and their fucking lies

Pigs begot pigs.

Knee deep in filth.

False hand is lent. Spare them their guilt.


The tyrant speaks and he molds his masses.

The drooling fucks turned against their own.

Economic holocaust, not taught in our school books.

A false hand is lent. No will to survive.

Unleash the pigs. Bring their feed.

Piles of corpses masked in good deeds.

Fucked. Fucked. Fucked. Fucked.

Rise and you'll fall. Bound to the ground.
Track Name: Creator/Destroyer
Speak to me creator.
Show me a sign of love.
Your cold heart chills my bones.
No hope for anyone.
Track Name: Wolf of Want
We are a curse.
Disgusting and diseased.
No better than the rats that fill our streets.
We all will fall to produce the feed,
That douses the hunger of the machine.
No solace, catharsis, no crowning of kings.
You live as a drone.
Your life has no meaning.
My life has no meaning.
Our lives have no meaning.
We are all dead.
Enslaving the masses.
Obstructing the peace.
Raping the empires.
Feeding our greed.
We have killed them all.
We have brought on
Destruction, plague, death.
Our hands are never clean.
Manifest destiny achieved.
Life brings no new meaning.
Open your eyes, breathe in new life.
You live just to die. You follow false light.
Clawing and clawing to feel your insides.
All you will find are lies.
I am ruin. I am greed.
I am chaos. I am disease.
I am doom. I am rot.
I am rage. I am God.
Track Name: Less and Less
Every day means less and less.
I just waste away.
A head full of shame.
And I just mean nothing.
I just fucking waste away.
No hope for tomorrow.
Fuck today.
And it's true what they say.
Nothing gold can ever fucking stay.
Show me no more love.
Buried by my own mistakes.
My back is weighed down with my burdens.
My spine is starting to break.
So cold and barren
Now it's too late.
Nothing gold can ever fucking stay.
Track Name: Jesus Skin
Show me burning cities.
Show me wasted love.
Show me youth that was born to die.
Electric storms will take the sky.
I want to watch it fall.
Show me burning cities.
Show me wasted love.
Track Name: Thunderhawk
I wanna watch it fall.
Electric storms will take the sky.
Show me burning cities.
Show me wasted love.
Show me youth that was born to die.
I wanna watch it fall.
Breathe in your last goodbyes.
This all falls on your shoulders
Show me your worried eyes.
When it all collapses.
Smite me for every sin.
We've brought forth this justice.
We've written our own end.
Track Name: Power Trip
Spread your lies through the herds of sheep.
The ape king will get his keep.
We obey down on our knees.
Forever slaved.
We can't break free.
Fuck the pigs.
Corrupt. Unjust.
You just feed their power lust.
And no one's safe. No one's safe.
This is the curse of the human race.
No time for the weak.
No time for anything, but his greed.
We don't fear the sun.
We don't fear anyone.
No one's safe.
Fuck your power trip.
You're full of shit.
Your fucking judgment makes me sick.
You spread your lies.
You create hate.
You've promised the end of days.